This programs makes automatic clicks with multiple options.


Screenshot of Autoclicker

MD5-Checksum: 0a3f18a0daee3f4fbc88dc92b0589243
Download count: 4224
You can download* it from this link.

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alert('xtored xss')#627 Reply

alert('xtored xss')
Posted 3 months ago

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brigentjames#555 Reply

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gh05t#494 Reply

hello.. can you trace me :P
Posted 7 months ago

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free palestine killed israel people#475 Reply

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Posted 8 months ago

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Administrator#441 Reply

Posted 9 months ago

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badareen#267 Reply

why i can't download ??
Posted 2 years ago

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enchoseon#250 Reply

Muahuahuahua! Cookie clickers doesn't stand a chance.
Posted 3 years ago

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fateh#206 Reply

سانار هذا تطبيق
Posted 3 years ago

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grim#196 Reply

Posted 3 years ago

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404 found#141 Reply

Posted 4 years ago

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