Email Bomber

The Email Bomber is a software that can easily send hundred of mails in just some minutes!


Screenshot of Email Bomber


  1. BlackHost footer
  2. Clear all link
  3. Customizable timer
  4. Hosts list
  5. Number of emails
  6. SSL certificate

MD5-Checksum: 8e2aceb49543053938043bf0d323980b
Download count: 33409
You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

*=By clicking 'Download' you accept the Terms of Service.



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paradox#351 Reply

We R pArAdOx
Posted 5 years ago

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jane#350 Reply

We R p4r4dOx ;)
Posted 5 years ago

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sub#349 Reply

Posted 5 years ago

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to dayna#348 Reply

To Dayna. We are anonymous, Your incompetence to by a loyal friend to those whom have bend over backwards to be there for you has caught our eye. For while now, you have gone through many friends to all whom call you the same. But you don’t offer sincerity nor just when handle at a position of question. You expect others to show you respect and fairness as they would do to you, but you don’t repay if forward. Your disloyalty and erratic judgement to those whom you have put in an unfair circumstance has . . . in a way been disappointing. We won’t make any threats to you or put you in any uncomfortable position like you have done with so many of your friends. However, we will not be at rest untill we give you a spoonful of your own medicine. Let’s play pretend. Let’s pretend, your son, Isaiah is at school talking amongst his friends, those whom he laughs and caries a conversation. However, let’s say a less unfortunate event occurs where Isaiah is in a questionable situation. Do you think it would be fair for Isaiah to slander and point the finger of blame at every single one of his friends ? Do you think his friends were put in a fair position? The answer is no. The eclipse of distrust and disrespect is thrown at the innocents of his friends regarding have a say in the matter and the same goes to you. If you continue to treat those whom consider you friends, and the more you push the innocent into your unjust grasps, the more you will hear from us. To prove your sincerity, you will appolize to those whom your broke, and you know whom I am referring to, and send us a screenshot back here. If you do not, then that would be a regrettable. This isn’t a threat, but a mere warning. We give hope to those who can’t stand up for themselves. We do not call you names but the very thing you are, which is callous . We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
Posted 5 years ago

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cock#347 Reply

Hello Stephen
Posted 5 years ago

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christian patzer#346 Reply

Hallo wie heißt dein Sohn wann ist die Taufe ??
Posted 5 years ago

345 avatar Reply

Posted 5 years ago

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say bye#344 Reply

Posted 5 years ago

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arun#343 Reply

Posted 5 years ago

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ross#342 Reply

Posted 5 years ago

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