Virus Maker

The Virus Maker is a virus construction tool for creating a custom viruses with the options you prefer!


Screenshot of Virus Maker


  1. Change password
  2. Change virus icon (executable only)
  3. Delete specific/all files
  4. Kill process
  5. Matrix
  6. Message box
  7. Open program
  8. Open website
  9. Own batch code
  10. Save as an executable file
  11. Save as batch file
  12. Various functions

MD5-Checksum: 7ea0bcf9168554244babecc389b02f6b
Download count: 34416
You can download* it from this link.

You can also download the source code here.

*=By clicking 'Download' you accept the Terms of Service.



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1035 avatar

arjun#1035 Reply

Tha Mobile hack
Reply to florentino perez (#1027)Posted 1 month ago

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thejoker#1023 Reply

remember me? HAHAHA! well... the world is horrible we live in a society.... I have made a virus in this program, i will run it on all school computers, you will see me in the news... The JOKER DESTROYS a school with his own Highly Complex ransomware worm virus, and REMEMBER it wil spread more than WANNACRY, the ETERNAL BLUE EXPLOIT RANSOMWARE FROM north Korea... if you like more info on my JOKER VIRUS? email me:
Posted 1 month ago

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florentino perez#1052 Reply

Start in Yorba Linda High School
Reply to thejoker (#1023)Posted 3 weeks ago

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florentino perez#1051 Reply

Want to start in the schools of Yurba Linda and do you promote any humanitarian pharmaceutical business?
Reply to thejoker (#1023)Posted 3 weeks ago

1021 avatar

fbi van #35#1021 Reply

I kindly request you shut down this operation before it gets out of hand, or we will have to take down your services by force.
Posted 1 month ago

1024 avatar

thejoker#1024 Reply

do you think you catch me FBI... HAHAHA! its me! the JOKER, and not any old joker.... the REAL DEAL!! hahaha, but if you must know.. I made a virus in this program and it will spread all around the world, it will be UNKILLABLE! UNSTOPPABLE EVEN! catch me if you can! Sincirely the OFFICIAL JOKER! Beware, you CANNOT shut down my operation, because i have my AMAZING dead man switch, lets just say it is HIGHLY COMPLEX! Your Friend, the Joker!
Reply to fbi van #35 (#1021)Posted 1 month ago

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prakash patel#1020 Reply

Hii i am prakash patel
Posted 1 month ago

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cobra#1019 Reply

Posted 1 month ago

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lakaka#1018 Reply

Posted 1 month ago

1017 avatar

saiful#1017 Reply

Need what's app virus file
Posted 1 month ago

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